Chapter three ?>

Chapter three

 It as been six months now and I’m having a glass of double bucked wine. Sharon came by and told me how it went at the deposition yesterday. The grounds they have for holding me are completely senseless and have no area for filing of information at all. Alledged victim stated I never hit him I only subdued him his eye witness stated I hit him right before is eyes and beat him repeatedly with my fist in the head. And the state filed charges on this , there is nothing there. Sharon gave her testimony in deposition stating the victim came to her with apologies for starting the fight. And my public defender still refuses to call my brother for deposition, an eye witness to the case. How is this man helping me?

Once again tomorrow could be the day all they have is allegations and their stories did not match. I am the only one with evidence of what really happened. This will be the fourth time I was not allowed to attend court and the fourth time my right for a demand for speedy trial will be violated.

They opened my cell door an hour ago after head count it has been two months to the day and a Sargent just walked through so I think I might be off lock down. Well I have been out of my cell for ten hours and their asking me how did I get out of my cell. So back to lock down I go,they said they made a mistake.

Went to dentist again today only to have to start all over again on antibiotics I am seriously thinking of filing a case for ineffective treatment on having my wisdom teeth pulled

I am now working on a motion to file on this facility for conspiracy in regards to the grounds they are holding me in custody for. I am claiming them to be as guilty as the ones who put me here. I think it is time I take my case to a higher court

I am claiming conspiracy on this facility for failure to provide me with civil assistance to protect me from actions of misconduct with law enforcement and the judicial system. I now have three cases filed on the jail center for misconduct reason

1) failure to protect my rights.

2) actions of misconduct to me and false allegations.

3) failure to provide me with civil assistance to protect my right of being innocent until proven guilty.

What kind of justice system do you have if there is no concern for justice, is this how our law enforcement officers are sworn in to protect the people of a community. One man makes a bad arrest and there is not one person in the whole department , the clerk of courts or this facility to protect me from the misconduct of one man. That’s where corruption comes in , when the system is aware of the actions and does nothing to protect your rights.

They probably spent 40 million building this new jail and now they have to steal from tax payers pockets to fill it. I do not believe I am the only one that may be innocent in this jail and over half the inmates in here are made felons by the same ways as I was. My link I posted in chapter two proves nothing more than corruption in the system and I plan to expose a lot more.

I need to get my case to a jury they truly are the only justice. Two jury trials 25 years ago and they had a verdict in five minutes not guilty.

I think the officers working here are picked out of a toy store with a few cells missing from their batteries. I know there are some good officers working this facility but the fact is they have to turn their heads from any wrong doing of another officer, does that make them any different. This is why we need civil assistance to protect the innocent because other officers turn their heads. If there was civil assistance with in this facility an officer could then choose the officer he /she wants to be instead of being bound to being the officers he/she has to be.

If the people had their rights protected in a civil manner it would prevent bad arrest being made. That’s what the benefit of the law I’m trying to pass will being to the people. The only advise I have received from anyone in this facility is “This is an issue your going to have to take care of when you get out”. I have been in jail for six months with no sign of getting out soon I need help now.

I got a hold of the address for Fox 4 news today I’m going to have a letter smuggled out.

I am working on a discrimination case with prejudice towards me on four counts. This lady who was nothing more than a neighbor started slapping , hitting me and shoving me against the wall. Well she did this a couple of times and I said maim if you don’t stop I’m going to call the cops on you. Well she continued to do it again so I called the cops. Now I have three witnesses watching this. The cops get there they refuse to take my witnesses statements, they did not take the woman to jail. They said if my and the womans story did not match that we were both going to jail. Now I have three witnesses, why would I be going to jail ? that’s one, Another case my girl friend was pulling her stupid shit again I filed a police report two witnesses I do not even know filed a police report well two weeks go by and she starts her shit again. The cops show up and they would not take her to jail with charges filed from two weeks earlier, I have blood all over me and they would not take her to jail. That’s three times another incident with my girl friend again blood all over me they would not take her to jail. That’s four times three times with blood all over me. Another incident with my girl friend the cops show up and she said I strangled her, off to jail I go for felony strangulation. Any time someone says I did some thing they take me to jail on nothing more than an allegation. I am sure it is because I have won two jury trials along with having officers testimony thrown out of court and I had habeas corpus granted by the courts.

Now I’m no rocket scientist but there is something wrong here. All the evidence on the states side shows I’m innocent and my whole case shows I’m innocent and the state will not drop charges. Here is this guy who has been to prison for violence and brags about chasing down a cop with his car and hitting him with his car. I’m in jail over this guy and the states case proves nothing more than false allegations. I have all these incidents where the cops and the state apparently think it’s o.k. for people to beat the shit out of me and now this nutsack comes along and files false allegations on me because he needs some one to pay for his glasses.

I can talk to any body about my cases or all the stuff I’m writing now and every body understands my point of argument. I talk to my public defender or some body working this jail or any of my replies on a grievances, it’s like I’m speaking a language from a third world country. I’m not kidding you fill out a grievance forms they pick out one sentence that doesn’t have any thing to do with the complaint and they only reply to that one sentence.

I can’t help it to think how much of a  hypercritic these people are being,  to label me as a convicted felon over petty things from the 80′s and using offences I wasn’t even charged with to do it. These people are out to get me cause every time I stood up for my rights I won and they don’t like it cause they look bad, how in the hell could they look in the mirror and think there’s any thing good about themselves , no body as any good to say about the state attorneys office .

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