Prejudice to the people ?>

Prejudice to the people

I’m now looking at a case of prejudice acts, it is the people who make it possible for the government to exist and the people’s rights should be protected. Our courts number one concern should be to protect the innocent,THEY DO NOT. All they do is rob us of our lives, our freedom to benefit themselves. It is an act of prejudice not to protect the people’s rights in a civil manner within our court systems. The only time our courts bring up a civil matter is when they our protecting themselves.Are they not part of the same federal government who are supposed to protect our rights , where does it come about that our rights are separated from theirs, we all have the same rights. You look at a case in a criminal since then look at the same case in a civil sense, it’s the same case.The courts provide you with a public defender from the same people that our trying to convict you and they refuse to defend your rights. It takes a criminal act of intent to violate your civil rights, it is unjust and prejudice to the people with violation of our right of being innocent until proven guilty for the courts not to provide the people with council of a criminal and civil defense.If a act is committed by fraud or purging themselves to harm ones freedom is it not the victims right by freedom of choice to prosecute that case in criminal or civil matter. A public defender tells you, you can file all the civil cases you want but you can’t file criminal charges. Why not, if the action is there,  I will tell you why, The public defenders office is a branch of the state and they would be filing charges against themselves. That’s why I believe that being represented by the state is a conflict of interest.

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