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civil actions filed on case #1101948CFA// I have now comfirmed through back ground this case is a misdemeiner and I was guilty for nothing more then defending my self ?>

civil actions filed on case #1101948CFA// I have now comfirmed through back ground this case is a misdemeiner and I was guilty for nothing more then defending my self

2016-03-25-12-20-55-1This be the case of which all my civil actions are filed against . There is testimony of alleged victim’s wife stating I had her husband In a head lock choking him. There’s testimony of alleged victims father in-law starting I beat him in the head repeatedly with my fist. Truth is the alleged victim was the aggressive party of this case and I held him down with one hand until the alleged victim was exhausted and gave up attempts to fight. You will also read in my book the alleged victim’s statements in depositions that Gerald did nothing but subdue me, in other words meaning ( I detained him till he could not fight anymore ) In other words I defended myself. Three statements against me with no similarities at all. For information on this case to be filed by the state is insane. I prevented the attacker from harming me, apparently the state thinks I should accept bodily from the aggressor before I can defend myself. As I said in my book” If this was a gun fight in the wild west I would have to be shot first before I could shoot him “. Now these papers above are from a back ground check for employment and these papers clearly state I was convicted of a felony , the only thing true on these papers is the sentencing of this case ( court cost ) that’s it, I was convicted of a misdemeanor and notice there is no document on the nine months and five days I spent in jail. It was just ruled recently in the Supreme Court of America that upon proving your innocence that the one year statute of limitations on habeas corpus is lifted , this case is not over. The contents of this paper work is without a doubt defamation of character.

Last week, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court decided McQuiggin v. Perkins.*  The Court held that a Schlup gateway “actual innocence” showing can overcome the one-year statute of limitations time bar. Ginsburg wrote the (nice) majority opinion and Scalia wrote the (troubling) dissent. 

American Rights ?>

American Rights

State laws do not change are consitutional rights. Someone in Colorado can smoke weed but some in Florida will go to jail. If you have money for a civil attorney they take the matter into closed chambers and you win your case by right of being treated as equal. If you don’t have a civil attorney to protect your rights you do some kind of time rather it be probation or jail. Now how is this not violating your rights, the courts are aware of the right of being treated as an equal so how is it possible for the state to file charges that violate this right. It’s cases like this and my own that have me trying to bring civil assistance to are court systems to protect us from this misconduct behavior with law enforcement and our court systems as I have said before they protect themselves from violating our rights but do not protect us from law enforcement violating our rights. This is why I claim prejudice to the people by the courts