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Chapter one / Traped by corruption / page one

AUTHOR  : GERALD  L.  SIMMONS  JR.   INTRODUCTION OF BOOK: Based on a true story the life history of a fight against a system of corruption involving law enforcement ,state attorney’s and their branch office, the state’s office of the public defender.This is a story of multiple victory’s against the system but yet your still defeated. Book contains many cases of conflict of interest ,double jeopardy, false arrest ,false imprisonment, defamation of character and constitutional errors. book contains images of actual grievances followed by a more eligible version for the readers.Even with proof of innocence the system fails to protect the right of being innocent until proven guilty.This is the story of an innocent man falsely arrested ,fighting to pass a law to prevent what twenty-five years of corruption in the system as done to him ,from happening to anyone else .
I have now been in jail for seventeen weeks, my public defender has violated my rights again. I can not believe the things the system gets away with. They are the people who should be in jail. I don’t even need a lawyer for this case I have all the evidence I need showing I’m innocent. The state would have to convince the jury, that I would have to accept bodily harm from the aggressor before I could defend myself.
My notice for deposition states “before the honorable state attorney ” .What is honorable about takeing evidence that shows ones innocence and trying to prove them guilty. Trying to convince a jury that a lie is the truth is evil. I have sent a notarized letter to the board of this facility with pleas of my innocence and false imprisoned by false arrest. I sent a letter to a law firm and prison health systems, no letters back of any concern. I have needed great deals of medical assistance sence my arrest. The only medical treatment I have received other than a runners belt for my hernia is Tylenol or Advil. I have lost thirty pounds since my arrest over four months ago. As of the  18th of  january 2012 I started a chart  documenting as an attempt to stop losing weight by eating junk food from commisary.A unhealthy attempt to stop another unhealthy problem.I will see how it works out this monday when they weigh me.
Well I am still on lock down for c.o. actions against other inmates .I sent in a request to get out of lock down, they replied I am on lock down so I can be monitored,I have been locked down for three weeks and I’m passing wine out my cell door all the time,and there’s a camera right in front of my cell .So there either allowing me to make wine and pass it out or their reply I’m being monitored to observe my behavior is bull shit.
Anyway my third sounding is march 2nd. and my deposition is february 8th. no one is coming forward for the case at the time of deposition I have been in jail for five months.How can they file charges in forty days and they can’t even get a witness to come in for deposition in five months. That’s what I call counting your chickens before they hatch ,their bad egg as my life in it.I have sent my sworn statement to the judge and to the state.And I still seeking a lawyer ,I have claims for my lose that I want the jury to decide on .My claims are very reasonable but have nothing to do with the actions I’m takeing after my day in court.That’s when I win the war this is only a battle. If I was in the wild west right now and I shot a man in a gun fight I would be hung by the neck because I didn’t get shot first ,that’s how this system works ,I’m already adjudicated guilty with time I’m spending in jail .I will never ever trust law enforcement again ever in here now or on the streets .They don’t care about justice ,your rights,your life,your freedom all they care about is that next arrest so the system can make their  bread and butter, believe that .
They removed me from  gated private property no warrant just opened the gate came in and took me out to the road and arrested me. I have eye witnesses who never been arrested for anything not even a traffic ticket and they refused their statements. When the officer was takeing me to jail I said officer my second eye-witness lives right here ,he waved at the house as we drove by.I said officer there’s no way this could stand in court ,he said well for now your going to jail.I was arrested right in front of the patrol car no video no audio WHY NOT .As my brother was explaining to the officers that I was defending myself a second witness with information to the incident ,from the alleged victim him self saying he was sorry he started the fight.The behavior of the arresting officer to my witnesses was very rude and had no concern of any explanation of my innocence and told them he don’t need any statements.Three witnesses and they would not talk or accept statements from either of them.The first thing arresting officer said when he seen me was “his got blood on him”I replied it’s my blood.There was no concern of my injuries or anything filed on police  report at all of why or how I was injured. Witnesses contacted the investigating  officer in hope to file sworn statements the detective assigned to the case replied to my witnesses all he has to do is file a report his job is done.
The emotional stress of these two officers alone is enough to drive me crazy their actions alone have taken a toll on me mentally and physically. The things in my head are very stressful,there was an inmate in medical the other who said he as not seen or been to court in a year . That is a thought that haunts me now to be here for a year before even going to court. Between the conditions of my arrest my pubic defender and every thing I’ve been through pleading my innocence for almost five months,I feel I am going insane. I have scratched so much skin off my nose from the stress the scarring is very visible that bothers me a lot. I am aware I’m doing it ,it seems the more intense the stress the more intense the scratching. It seems the only thing that gets me to stop is the sight of blood. Then I spend the next few days keeping the scab off my nose ,then when it heals I do it again. There has got to be away to get me out of here. I feel there some kind of conspiracy within the system to hold me here for so long and never see a court room. As I said before how can they file charges without having depositions done first when that is all they have for a case against me. From all the court dates they keep me from going to ,I have not I received one piece of court documents with a judges signature on it. I think the courts allow the system to do what ever they want by not having papers signed by a judge not even a stamp. If the judge doesn’t sign it ,the systems able to rob you of your rights. I have met my public defender one time in five months, he is worth about the cost of a pile of cow shit. I hope I can find a lawyer who can take this simple case and run with it. I NEED TO GET A LAWYER, I can’t see any grounds at all for charges to even be filed.
I went to medical today it has been brought to my attention that my platelets are low.This is a condition they have known for months and said nothing to me.It seems it was brought to my attention by accident, I have been here just short of five months. And now their saying there could be a number of things wrong with me, why hasn’t this been addressed. I have been losing weight of six to eight pounds a month. I have been asking for extra protein diets for three months due to my weight lose, they say I’m o.k. how can be o.k. if I’m losing eight pounds a month. According to my junk food chart I have had in addition to my three meals a day,5.480 cal, 2240 of them are fat cal, 651 g. of carbs, 382 g. of sugar, and 71 g. of protein. I have gained two pounds, the first week I have not lost weight since I started my chart. I should not have to put that junk in my body to quit losing weight. I believe my documents on my weight lose prove I need extra protein diet.
Well I probably should not have done what I done today but I did I wrote someone I love very much and asked her for help. I think of her all the time but that’s a whole nother story. Just got back from medical, my S.T.D.’s came back negative have one more test to do for hepatitis. If that test comes back negative then the only reason for my weight lose is poor qualities of food.
Everyone should have got my letters today. It’s letters I wrote to the board of this facility and the lawyer firm. I’m going to file a misconduct form on the detective assigned to my case. I’m going to write him up for showing prejudice to me and my witnesses. I am dealing with a lot of stomach pains from my hernia the  only way their going to help is if I fall out and it feels like that’s going to happen.
Now I’m wondering why are they are not calling my bother for deposition , he is an eye witnesses and my public defender is not calling him.He says his not going to be much help. I’m not kidding this guys not worth a pile of cow shit. All I care about is what the jury thinks and my brother is a key witness, I don’t know what my public defender is thinking but he is surely not thinking for me.  The next time I see my public defender I hope his got something good to say ,so far it appears he is not interested in my case at all or in defending me. I don’t think he’s even interested in winning a case. His job I believe is to just take plea bargains. If your innocent and your lawyer says your eye-witness is not going to be any good to you,get rid of him cause his not going to help you at all,he’s  not  interested in your case at all. I have giving my public defender information on another eye-witness for months and he has failed to contact him. I am now taking action against the state of florida’s office of the public defender.
Well I just got a hundred dollars worth of junk food,I’m going to run a store so I can keep stock, hopefully I will stop losing weight .And my lady friend should have got my letter today asking for help. She probably thinks I’m pretty desperate or crazy to ask her for help. Truth is I miss her and I am desperate for help. My nerves are really starting to bother me again,I can’t stop thinking about my brother not being called for deposition, my deposition is a couple of weeks away I need to speak to a real lawyer.
It is monday they did not take me down to get my weight checked today or pull any teeth last friday. My hernias are really bothering me,I did get news today there is going to be smokes in the block. I have a gallon an a half of wine made up and there is going to be smokes so we’re going to have a block party. This will be the first time I drink any of my wine. I do have a glass on saturday night when I clean it for drinking but I don’t drink it like I give to this guys in the block.
Well they took me down to medical I gained two more pounds so the junk food is helping. My body Gienelli came up when I got back from medical and said my cell smells like hootch, which means my wine is cooking good.So I checked on it and I had  a leak ,if a guard would have come through while I was gone I would have been busted. I had a problem with two officers down in medical I filed a grievance asking for the footage off the camera for evidence to my claim on their behavior it was truly uncalled for. The holding cell in medical is the most unclean area of the jail and the jail is infested with staph. I was not able to sit down long from the discomforts of my hernias so I would have to stand up. For no reason the two officers working medical started giving me a hard time because I would sit down when they told me to but after a few minutes I would have to get up from my hernia pains. when I explained I had to stand up because I was in pain they told me to lay down in a very rude manner. This cell was way to nasty to lay down in so I sat back down a few minutes goes by I have to stand back up. Now these  two officers working medical were laughing and giggling actually flirting with each other. So when I stood up again this officer came walking over pulling up his pants around his waist tucking his shirt in tight walked up with arms crossed just showing off in front of the lady officer he was working with  it was very comical it really was funny and he asked me whats the matter, I said nothings the matter he said well why do you keep standing up. I said officer I can only sit down for a few minutes at a time . He said well lay down I said officer this cell is very dirty all kind of people come through here it is way to dirty to lay down in here. He said those are my options sit down or lay down, so I asked him for a grievance he then began asking me all kinds of questions and said officer your just trying to get me to argue with you I’m not going to do it. now I said that in very polite tone of voice and the lady officer screams at me saying, just sit and shut up. I said maim I’m not doing anything he’s trying to get me to argue with him. Well that was the end of it until they were taking me back to my cell the lady cop started on me saying she’s going write me up for some kind of violation so I politely said well maim I guess I’ll write you up to then. And that’s it they took me back to my cell but I wrote them up for their behavior it was uncalled for. It seems like this place a training camp to be assholes by the time they become a street cop they have no respect for people and if an a# comes up you might as well already be in jail cause that’s how their going to treat you. That’s what I have experienced for the last twenty-five years. which leads to discrimination,prejudice,false arrest, and false imprisonment every thing I’m going through now.
 This case is truly an open and close case, there is so much conflicts of interest between me and the state that it is a violation of my rights just being charged by this state , I’ve beat them three times. To be charged by this state again,with the state attorney I went up against twice before being head of clerk of courts now ,25,years later, how is it not conflicts of interest? There is no evidence at all to hold me in jail. There are grounds of great deals of conflicts between the state and I and I have wrote letters to every source of interest in this matter and the replies I get back are none,this is where the acts of corruption comes about , how is it possible that one man can write the judge , the clerk of courts , the department of revenue , the department home land security and not get one reply of concern there might be an innocent man in jail. this is where your right of being innocent until proven guilty is being violated because the system does not provide any assistance to protect that right , there is no concern of holding an innocent man in jail. And between the sheriff department the states attorney’s office , this facility I am jailed to ,the public defenders office there is no way these proceedings against me could be possible without  one hand washing the others. What makes this possible?,are rights are not protected by the system. Are court system protects themselves from violating are rights but do not protect are rights from being violated by law enforcement.
Today I received a minor rule violation sheet on the incident with the officers in medical ,not one thing said about me on this piece of paper is true, I’m pro-se on all my cases and I have been refused to obtain the video of the incident that night ,the video is the only evidence I have and with a case pending I am being refused access to it. I have put in a request to the commander of this facility to review the video, again denied. I have the right to have my rights protected by constitution of being innocent until proven guilty and I am clearly guilty by incarceration, I’m being denied any assistance to protect my rights.
 Now comes a concern with health and safety, I’m in medical block, they’re housing skin isolation inmates in this block they use the same phones the same showers. They are locked down in their cells as I am in mine . Well number one their not even supposed to be in the same block as us, but anyway I’m supposed to shower before skin isolation for the last couple of days they have been showering skin isolation before me. I told the officer working  I’m supposed to shower before skin iso,he said he will bring me cleaning supplies. It is not my job to clean after skin iso,so they had skin iso clean their own showers ,now how is that sanitary. I have said it before and I will say it again , a crack in the floor to a guilty man in jail is a crack in the floor. A crack in the floor to an innocent man in jail is like falling into the grand canyon.
 Today is not a good,but then again neither is any other day. spinous came back for depositions nobody showed up, another reason why they should let me go .The saying no face no case is an actual saying used in court, it has been a full five months now . The waiting every day to be released 24 hours a day is weighing heavy on my nerves my picking has continued to be a problem. My brother finally got a hold of the investigating officer and he told my brother he already filed a report ,now how can the investigating officer file a report on the incident without ever speaking a word to me the accused, He told my brother his job is done. The report is filed and I still don’t have the discovery for my charges my public defender says he don’t know what’s going on with it or where it’s at. The back ground history of the guy claiming I attack him is a history of violence and has been to prison for violent charges, more proof of conflicts of interest between the state and I, is word is not even credible. Sense nobody showed up for depositions I,m going to be thinking for days that the charges are going to be dropped,but it never happens.
 I’m going to pour me a good strong glass of wine and write my daughter a letter. It’s the day after deposition,nobody showed and they still would not drop charges my next sounding is March 2nd., another month away. Their going to hold me for as long as they can. I’m like a faucet with a leak, every minute I’m in this hell hole’s another dollar in the bucket for the state that’s what it’s all about. I was able to get some stuff off my mind writing my daughter a letter she’s all I thought about today. I’m going to write-up a motion tonight to fire my public defender for insufficient counseling. These will be my third attempted to seek private council. If my friend I wrote for help had any concern for me I’m sure I would have heard something from her by now. I have now wrote a grievance on this facility for reasons of being just as guilty as the people responsible for putting and holding me here. I’ve done anything possible to show my innocence to this facility and there is no reason why this facility cannot and should not have legal advisers to protect inmates rights of being innocent until proven guilty. I have the right to have my rights protected by law. This facility should have civil assistance to protect me or anyone else from misconduct of corruption of the state falsely prosecuting or false arrest by law enforcement. At this time I have six claims of 250 thousand dollars a piece between the sheriff department ,the state attorneys office,the state of florida’s office of the public defender and this facility.
Well it’s another monday, there is a really nice looking street cop chick working the sally port .
I should be getting $35.00 paid to my store today and my daughter should get my letter.
My public defender is surely aware of my actions against the office of the public defender. That is laying heavy on my mind today,all the actions he has not taken to defend me,he is clearly supporting the state not me.He is nothing more than the states puppet.
I have received information my public defender finally spoke with one of my witnesses after five months . For one reason and one reason only, because I took civil actions against him. It’s my belief the only reason he made this contact with my witness was to take the opportunity to lead my witness away from testifying by making the commit to her “maim are you aware he is a convicted felon” NOTE:( The only reason I’m a convicted felon is because the state made me a convicted felon.) The man is supposed to be defending me and made an attempt to slander me or did slander me to try to lose a witness.
Gerald and LeeAnn
I am thinking of my lose today, at the time of my arrest I was adding on three more breeding pens to my quail aviary. With sponsored help I had established a suitable blood line between Wisconsin jumbo’s, Georgia giants and local breeders of Bob White Quails and was having ringneck pheasants arriving soon.
 This project was a life long dream of mine since I was kid and I was populating the quail to our area. I   had plans of this hobby of mine becoming a business I was going to share with my daughter. I had prescribed to Game Gazette Magazine and was preparing to advertise nation wide. Prepared to sell 5 to 7 hundred birds and 1,000 to 1,500 fertilized eggs a month. With prophets I had planed on starting my own line of T-shirts with my art work of the birds. To have a chance to do this with my daughter would have been wonderful and priceless to me and to have it taken away by one man’s misconduct and behavior of prejudice towards me and my witnesses is unforgivable.
I have now gained 5 pounds in 23 days my chart reads I have consumed 23,390 calories of junk food and 11,000 calories of that is from fat calories. When I get commissary I make seasoning for the food we get it taste like it’s completely rinsed of any nutrients. I make the food taste like food with my home-made seasonings. It cost me a glass of wine a pack of cookies and 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a table-spoon of salt for my seasoning. I’m sure my weight lose along with stress is due to no nutrients in the food. Medical keeps blaming my weight lose on my thyroid and refuses me extra protein diet. What ever the reason for my weight lose may be there is no reason for it not to be treated.
An inmate I have made friends with comes to medical block about every two to three weeks for skin isolation hung himself yesterday. The last time I saw him down in medical he said “If they don’t let me see someone from mental health today I’m going to freaking hang myself” not thinking he was serious me and other inmates laughed and said don’t forget to hold up your feet. This guy sang the national anthem with an opera voice. The officers after lock down would open the doors to the sally port and you could hear him though the whole jail. Everytime I hear the national anthem I will be reminded of the guilt of us laughing and saying don’t forget to hold up your feet.
I am now working on my claims for any inconvenience of my incarceration. I am treated no different than one who is sentenced guilty. I am innocent and housed with killers,  3 or 4 times a week I’m in contact with a guy from mental block next door to us who chopped his girl friend up into pieces. Said the devil told him to do it. The same block I’m in there are murders , strong-arm robbers , armed robbers , home invaders. Anything can happen at anytime and I’m an innocent man in the middle of it. There is a guy in here who was getting out in a week. He got into a fight and they gave him charges, he has now been here for over a year sence then and has not been to court. He was getting out in one week. Just the thought of that alone happening to me is enough to drive me crazy.
I’m three weeks away from six months my public defender told me over a week ago he was putting in for another deposition, said if no one shows I win. I told him I won the day I was arrested. I have totaled up claims now at eleven claims for up to 1,650,000 dollars. I wish I could find a pro-bono lawyer to take my cases.

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