We have the right to have our rights pertected ?>

We have the right to have our rights pertected

Our judicial court system protects themselves from violating our rights, but do not protect our rights from being violated by law enforcement. The  court system provides the people with a lawyer from the very same people who are trying to convict them. Is there one person who can not see the conflicts of interest in this. A lawyer told me “the only one who’s going to defend me is me”. If your rights have been violated then a crime has been committed, the crimes committed against me to violate my rights are pergury and fraud. This is not how our judicial system is supposed to work. When you have a lawyer represented by the court to defend you ,you have the right to counter suit for criminal/civil actions of misconduct that have been committed against you. A court appointed lawyer will not take these actions to defend you. The law I’m fighting to pass “THE GENERAL FREEDOM ACT (THE LOSS OF)”gives the people the opporytunity to show their innocence prior to criminal information being filed by the state, do to valuable information being with held from filed reports by law enforcement. The passing of this law will protect the people from insufficient counseling by the public defender,misconduct behavior of law enforcement and false information being filed by the state. It protects the right of being innocent until proven guilty.

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